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Refreshment Point

where to eat in Baunei

Hidden among the holm-oak woods that encircle Cala Sisine, you will find a welcoming refreshment point.

The restaurant is located just 300 meters \from the beach and can be reached via a suggestive pathway.
You can also get there setting off from Baunei. You will travel along 10 km of asphalt covered road followed by 15 km of dirt road. It concludes with a 2 km walk.

An unforgettable adventure towards a refuge of peace and flavours and immersed in the wild nature of Sardinia.





The essence of the local culinary tradition: “Pasta alla Sisine”. A rich and tasty sauce, traditionally prepared for weddings “Sa bagna de sa coua”, which celebrates the union of authentic flavours. Tomato rag├╣ sauce made with goat meat and pecorino cheese.

Just as important is the “Melted Pecorino cheese on carrasau dry bread” a sensorial experience that combines the crunchiness of typical Sardinian dry bread with the creaminess of local cheese.

For lovers of nature and culinary experiences, the restaurant offers, upon reservation for groups of at least 10 people, roast goat and culurgioni (typical potato and cheese stuffed pasta).

Camping along the coast of Baunei

Are you looking for a place to sleep during your adventure along the coast of Baunei? The Cala Sisine refreshment point offers a unique option for adventurers: an equipped area dedicated to lovers of nature. You can pitch your tent or spend the night under the stars wrapped up inside your sleeping bag. This solution not only allows you to completely immerse yourself in the wild enchanting Sardinia, but also offers you the freedom to experience the surrounding environment in a direct and genuine way.


Pitches for tents




The refreshment point is open throughout the day.

Trekking in Cala Sisine

The equipped area of Cala Sisine is confirmed as a privileged final stop for trekking organisers. This offers walkers the chance to finish up their journey in the best possible way: a well-deserved hot meal, accompanied by the chance of having a refreshing shower. This synergy of adventure and hospitality transforms the last stage into an experience full of comfort and natural beauty, so creating the perfect conclusion of an unforgettable excursion.

Common thoughts

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