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Exploring the coast of Baunei is a must for those visiting the province of Ogliastra. Transparent waters up to 50 meters deep and the whitest of white beaches. Boat tours offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely into the breathtaking beauty of the sea in Ogliastra. You will be able to spot hawks, cormorants and a variety of marine life along the majestic cliffs, thus offering an unforgettable experience to lovers of nature and breathtaking coastal scenery. This is the Gulf of Orosei.

Explore the different perspectives of the Aquila D’Oro (Golden Eagle)

Sail in the heart of the Gulf of Orosei

Cala Sisine

Cala Luna

Cala Mariolu

An excursion with different hues

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In the late 1970s, we began to unveil the coast of Baunei, at a time when boat trips were practically non-existent.



We have always accompanied tourists to get a taste of and enjoy authentic local dishes at the Cala Sisine refreshment point which is found immersed in evergreen holm oak woods.



During our tour, you can enjoy an extended stop in Cala Sisine, so you can immerse yourself stress-free in the atmosphere of the place and enjoy every moment to the full.

Experience the essence of

Cala Sisine

Admire the uniqueness of Cala Sisine whilst spending two days immersed in its unmatched beauty.

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