Meeting point

The departure of our motor vessel is scheduled from the picturesque transit dock located in the tourist port of Santa Maria Navarrese. The small port, a charm of the coast, is a meeting point for sea enthusiasts and a starting point for memorable adventures.

Maritime Collaboration

Ticket Reservation

Booking and purchase of tickets takes place exclusively via our website. To ensure a place during high season, it is strongly recommended to book well in advance. This will guarantee you a smooth experience and prevent the chance of not finding available seats at peak times. Plan ahead to make the most of your experience.

Boarding and disembarkation times

We recommended you arrive at the port of Santa Maria Navarrese by 8.15am so as to begin the boarding process at 8.30am. This will allow you to begin your maritime experience without delay and ensure a smooth and organized departure. At the end of the day, disembarkation in Santa Maria Navarrese is expected at around 6.30pm, thus concluding your adventure with a peaceful return to the starting point.

Stops at the coves

Arriving at each destination, the captain will provide precise information on disembarkation times so as to ensure that every moment of your journey is clear and organized for a worry-free experience. It is advisable to be ready and waiting a few minutes before the scheduled departure time from the coves.



Before undertaking your maritime adventure with us, we strongly recommend you take a few moments to read the following onboard regulations. This document was designed to ensure that all passengers enjoy a safe, pleasant and respectful navigation of the marine environment around us.

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